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Work Placement Guidelines
Description English 2000 Work Placement Courses are designed to give students work experience.
The combination of study and paid work will help students to improve their language skills and help with living costs.
It is important that the information given on the application form is accurate as we use this information to find placements.
The language level is very important, as well as the CV, letter of motivation and photos.
If any information, such as language level, is different to the application, this may result in your work placement being cancelled.
In this event, English 2000 may not be able to find you an alternative placement.
English Language Level English 2000 might not be able to find you a work placement if your level of English is not, or does not reach while studying at the school,
a minimum of CEF B1.
Choice of Placement The placement providers decide which students they want to employ. It is not possible for students to choose the placement or type of work.
Hours of Work English 2000 cannot guarantee full-time working hours because the placement provider is the employer not the school.
English 2000 is not able to find any extra work when hours are low.
Work Type Students may work at Hotels, Fast-Food Restaurants, Take-Aways, Cafés, Restaurants, Pubs, Holiday Parks or Amusement Parks, etc.

Students with an Intermediate level of English usually work as a:
Housekeeper – making beds and cleaning in a hotel and preparing rooms for guests.
Kitchen Porter – helping with food preparation and other duties such as washing up.
Glass Collector – collecting empty glasses and helping with the cleaning in a pub or bar.

Students with an Upper Intermediate level of English usually work in the above, or as a:
Waiter/ Waitress – serving customers and taking orders in a restaurant or café
General Assistant – helping in any department, which may include dealing with customers
Night Porter – helping with enquiries, luggage, answering the telephone, etc.

Students with an Advanced level of English usually work in any of the above, or:
Bar Person – taking orders and serving customers.
Receptionist – taking reservations, helping with enquiries, answering the telephone, etc.
Accommodation English 2000 or the provider will find accommodation as near to the work placement as possible.
Some students may need to take a bus or train to get to and from work.
Leaving Work Placement Early If you leave your work placement early for any reason, English 2000 may not find you another placement or refund any fees to your agent,
but you may continue to attend lessons.
Dismissal If your provider dismisses you due to a lack of work available, or your inability to do the job to the required standard,
English 2000 may not find you an alternative placement; however we will assist you on how to find additional work yourself.
You may continue to attend your lessons.
English 2000 may act as arbitrators if there is a problem at your work placement, but neither the school nor your agent are responsible
for what happens at your work place.
Fees All fees are for language programmes.
There are no fees for finding a work placement.
English 2000 will only investigate written complaints.
There is a (24/7) contact number for the school should you need to contact us in case of emergency.
This number will be on your student card.

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