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Group General English
and Activities

Course Description

The full-time adult Group General English course covers the areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. The course includes Cambridge examination preparation at levels B2 – C2.

The course is for groups of students from one agent. Classes can be as a closed group or infill into existing multi-national classes.

The programme includes a range of afternoon and evening activities, as required by each group booking. Some activities may be as a closed group only.

Students have use of a coursebook in class and are given homework as part of the course.

Students can attend a weekly language clinic, free of charge, where they will get one-to-one advice on any aspect of English they wish to review.

Certain activities and some excursions are for students aged 18+ only.

Learner Objectives

By the end of the course, learners will have:

* Studied and practised a range of grammar in context relevant to their level
* Read texts for gist and detail
* Listened to texts for gist and detail
* Studied and practised a range of lexis and functional language in context
* Studied and practised pronunciation accuracy
* Planned, organised and produced pieces of written work

Entry Requirements

The minimum age is 16
Minimum A1 CEF Elementary level up to C2 CEF Proficiency level


General English
Language Clinic
Maximum 16 in a class

20 lessons / 15 hours per week

Course Accreditation

An English 2000 Certificate
An English 2000 Course Report, if requested

Course Dates

Weekly throughout the year

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Accredited by the British Council
for the teaching of English in the UK
English 2000 School of English, 8 Fir Vale Road, Bournemouth, BH1 2JG
Tel: 0044 1202 552000 -
Cambridge Language Assessment
Exam Preparation Centre