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Terms & Conditions
Application Form Signing the English 2000 application form means you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions.
Accommodation English 2000 arranges accommodation in accordance with the British Council guidelines.
Code of Conduct English 2000 may expel you for low attendance or misconduct. English 2000 will not refund any fees to your agent.
Fees English 2000 may cancel your application if all fees are not received in advance by your agent.
Cancellation of Course If you cancel before the course start date, English 2000 may ask your agent for the enrolment fee.
Refund of fees If you leave before the course end date for any reason, including medical, English 2000 will not refund any fees to your agent.
Force Majeure English 2000 and the English 2000 agent in your country will not be liable if the school has to stop a course for any reason beyond its control.
Travel & Medical Insurance You are recommended to have travel, medical and personal liability insurance to cover all risks.
English 2000 and the English 2000 agent in your country will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury to you or your property.
Lesson Times 1 lesson = 45 minutes
Full Time General 09.00 to 12.30 or 13.15 to 16.45
Full Time Intensive 09.00 to 14.45
Class Size All Classes (except Premier English) = Average: 10 students / Maximum: 16 students

Premier English = Average: 3 students / Maximum: 6 students
National Holidays The School is closed on UK national holidays. You will not receive any lessons missed.
Student Supervision We do not take responsibility for the supervision of students out of lessons or during scheduled activities.
Work Placement You are employed by the placement provider and not by English 2000.
The placement provider will give you either a written or a verbal contract. In both types of contract, you are protected by employment law.
English 2000 cannot guarantee the location or a specific job.
If English 2000 does not find you a work placement 2 weeks before the course start date,
you can wait for English 2000 to find you a placement or cancel the application.
If you cancel the application, English 2000 will refund any fees you have paid.
English 2000 might not be able to find you a work placement if your level of English is not, or does not reach while studying at the school,
a minimum of B1 CEF.
If you leave your work placement early for any reason, English 2000 may not find you another placement or refund you any fees,
but you may continue to attend lessons.
If you are dismissed from your work placement for misconduct, English 2000 may expel you.
All fees are for language programmes. There are no fees for finding a work placement.
English 2000 may act as arbitrators if there is a problem at your work placement,
but neither the school nor your agent is responsible for what happens at your work place.
English 2000 will only investigate written complaints.
Work placements are not accredited by the British Council but the language course is accredited.
Complaints Students - If you have a complaint, please go to Reception or speak to the Academic Management Team.
They will help you, and if required they will ask you to fill in a Student Help and Complaints Form.
Parents / Guardians - If you have a complaint, please email: Kenny Rodia MA, Principal -
If you are not satisfied with the outcome of a complaint, you are entitled to speak to the British Council.
Data Protection All information is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act. English 2000 keeps this information for up to 2 years and disposes of it securely afterwards by shredding or incinerating.

If you wish the school to destroy any information beforehand,
please email with your name and surname and the following wording:
Please destroy all documents you hold about me immediately.
Legal Interpretation Interpretation of these terms and conditions are according to the Laws of England.
Equal opportunities English 2000 operates an equal opportunities policy.

Accredited by the British Council
for the teaching of English in the UK
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